The Adventures of a Package Design Start-Up

We all want to do something extraordinary. Maybe, for some, it's a just a comfortable dream - what you might think about on the way to work ... I was fortunate to have been in a position to see an opportunity and then move in that direction. Carpe diem happened. I seized the day. And, it led me down a path... that I'm still following. What you'll find scattered around this site are the pieces: observations and relationships, images and explorations. Losing myself in the work, in the craft, that helped me do the extraordinary.  Create something where there was nothing.

Why am I writing this blog? I want to document and share my experiences in starting up a business. Looking back, it all seems a bit surreal. Taking chances, making ambitious business deals, navigating a dynamic workplace, the victories and setbacks, the crazy day to day situations. I started with 3 months of savings and somehow rolled it into a decade of adventure. My goal was to create an independent voice and build the kind of organization that I had always wanted to work for. And, I did.

I never took a business class in college. We were required to take a science class, and chose a course called, "Why the Sky is Blue". It turned out to be astrophysics and, if not for some well hidden formulas and tables, I would have failed the Final.  So how could I be expected to pull off a series of now classic business moves? I saw an opportunity, worked my ass off, and found more opportunities.

Here's what happened...

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